Sure, most people get why life insurance is important. But they don't get why applying can be so hard. Here's the thing: It's not. Bestow has radically improved the entire process.

There is a better way

You can protect your loved ones without the hassle and weeks of waiting — all at an affordable price.


Apply online with no medical exams, paperwork, or visits to sad office parks.


No need to wait months. Apply in minutes, get a quote in seconds.


Plans start at only $5 a month. Get coverage from $50,000 to $1 million.


Our A+ rated partners are two of the largest insurers in the country.

One million dollars of coverage for only a dollar per day

Smart Tech = Small Spend

Bestow’s modern tech helps you get more without asking more of your time. We could dazzle you with the details of our “algorithmic underwriting,” but basically we use fancy math to get you crazy-low rates.

What are you looking to protect?

Term life insurance helps protect your family’s future, no matter what the future holds. It’s paid tax-free to your beneficiaries to use for whatever they need.

A home

Paying off a mortgage can provide stability for your family, plus a valuable asset for the future.

An education

Your kids could afford to go to college despite the ever-rising cost of tuition.

A comfortable life

Whatever comes their way, your family can be financially prepared.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who should apply for life insurance?

If I buy a policy from Bestow, will it actually last for years?

Will applying hurt my credit score?

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